Monday, February 12, 2007

last week

So today. Jeff and I went to choir and church. We didn't teach Sunday School today, so we were able to go to the class where we are taught how to be better teachers. I am glad to go to that class, because I need all the help I can get. I get nervous when Jeff and I teach. :) I didn't mess up conducting the music at all, so that was kind of a miracle. Well, I did mess up once, but that was before we started singing and the pianist just played it over again, so it wasn't too major. :)

Yesterday Jeff studied all day for some tests that he has coming up. I got all of my homework done. We also did three loads of laundry at the laundromat for the first time. We usually go over to people's houses and do it there, but we deecided not to mooch this week. :) We also discovered on Saturday what was wrong with one of our fish.

We have to calico fantails (a type of goldfish). They are Cookie and Cream. Cream has been "playing dead" this week. She likes to flip over and float on the top. She would swim upside and eat upside. We thought it was a game for her, then by Saturday she was doing it more and more and we realized that it wasn't a game. She didn't have a choice. So we searched the internet and discovered that she has swim bladder disease. So, we fed her peas, fasted her from her normal food, and reduced the water in the tank to six inches. Today she can swim again and stay right side up. Isn't that weird? I'm glad she's okay. I was really worried last night.

We also watched a movie last night with our next door neighbors, Zach and Brooke Bellows. (Zach was Jeff's freshman roommate). We watched "Hearts in Atlantis." I was a little disappointed. It had Anthony Hopkins in it and was based off of a Stephen King book, so we thought it would be good. However, I didn't feel like it had much of a point. I googled it and found out that it was actually the first of five novellas from a Stephen King book, so that's why it didn't have much of a point or an ending—four fifths of the story was missing!

Friday I had class and worked. I spent a lot of time working on my portfolio. I am going to apply next week for a job with one of the Church magazines or the Church news. If I get it, then it will be a full-time, paid internship starting two weeks after I graduate. I will get to work on a magazine that has a worldwide subscription of over 100,000, so it would be a nice place to start. Wish me luck! I'll start applying for other ones after I hear back from this one if I didn't get it.
Friday night Jeff studied a lot again for his tests (he has three midterms this week). I went on campus to watch "King Lear" with one of my lit classes. I walked out after about Act III though. I already read the play for class, and I found the tragedy a little too tragic for me to watch it again. Luckily I got to read "A Winter's Tale" (another Shakespeare play) the same week, so I did have a happy ending to counteract "King Lear." Also on Friday night Jeff and I ate dinner at Maria (Haynie) and Shane Oka's house. They got married the same day as Amy and Devin. She was one of my best friends from Brazil. It was really fun to see them.

Thursday I worked and volunteered. I am volunteering this semester for a nice lady named Jenny. She is in a wheelchair, and has very little use of her hands and has trouble speaking and focusing her eyes. I take notes for her in her Social Work Law class. So I get to hear cases that have some relation to social work policy. It is a graduate level class, and is really interesting. Sometimes it is kind of a downer though, because for things to have gone to court, they usually have gone quite badly. Jeffrey had an intramural basketball game on Thursday night. I got to go and keep score. Jeffrey's team had sixteen fouls, and the other team only had two. I think the refs were a little biased. Jeffrey's team lost, but they would have won if they had not allowed the other team so many free throws. Oh well.

On Wednesday I did a short presentation in one of my classes on John Donne. I apparently did well, my professor thought so at least. Jeff had to watch "The Mission" for his history class, so we watched that that evening. I had seen parts of it twice in two of my Portuguese classes, but never the whole thing. It was also sad. The Jesuits and the Indians ultimately lost to the Portuguese and Spanish slavers/colonizers.

Wow, I promise my week wasn't really as depressing as I am making it sound!

Tuesday... worked and volunteered.

Oh yes, I have trouble figuring out what to cook and then figuring out how to cook it. I should have paid more attention to my mother before it was too late. So, on Wednesday I was absolutely out of ideas. I decided to call my mom to see what she was making for dinner. She didn't answer her phone so I called my mother-in-law Laurie. Her boys had had a snow day, so they shoveled an elderly lady's yard and then had pizza. So, Jeff and I got to have pizza! (My mom later called me back and they had left overs and beets, so I am glad I talked to Laurie. Haha!) :)

Monday, I had work and school again. My life is rather monotonous isn't it? I can't remember what else we did.

I do remember that the weekend before that was great, because we had been invited for dinner at different people's houses on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. I just had to make a salad and dessert. It was pretty wonderful.

This is getting really long, so I guess this should be the end. If you want to hear a funny story about destroying a meal, let me know. :) I've ruined plenty with my cooking. :)

Oh yes, another thing, outside of my school reading, I was able to read a book called "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel (I think). I really liked it. it is about a boy and a tiger on a life boat. It is really inspiring. I recommend it. I do not recommend the other book I am reading right now (or any of them). I am sick of "Paradise Lost" and Amelia Lanyer. Although, I am sure I will like them much more when I get to class tomorrow and my professor opens my eyes to all of the wonderful things I missed. I did however, enjoy the Langston Hughes and Robert Frost poems I am reading for a different class.

That's pretty much my life right now.