Thursday, September 30, 2004

bus stops

8) So yeah... man bus stops really are a kick in the pants. i mean usually they're fabulous because they are how i get places. however this is the second evening i have had to sit at the bus stop for 54 minutes waiting for the bus. tonight it was in the rain. all of the evening concerts on campus start at 7:30 and end a little bit after 9:00 because they never start on time. well my bus comes around 8:58 and in the evening it only comes every hour so i have to sit at the bus stop for almost an hour. i usually have a book with me so it's not that bad but i could be at home sleeping or doing homework or something useful. both of my roommates have cars too but i have to mooch rides off of them so much that i feel guilty about doing it all the time. bleah
in psych today we were talking about people with frontal lobe injuries (a kind of brain damage). we were discussing how they have problems with linking knowledge, emotions, and/or logic in decision making. the teacher asked the class what we base our decisions on. suzy dared me to raise my hand. so i informed the class of how i base who i date off of who won't let me not date them rather than the guy i like the most. so i use logic by dating the person that it's hardest to not date rather than emotions by figuring out who i like and dating that person. as soon as i said the word "date" there was dead silence (this is BYU...) and when i said my OLD dating philosophy all of these people just turned around and stared at me. it was funny. i can't believe i do things like that
like last sunday when sarah jackson was going to call this guy in my ward and impersonate me if i didn't call him. aargh. better me than her pretending to be me. who knows what she might have said. so yeah a girl answered and was like "hi this is jacob's phone" and i asked if i could talk to jacob and she said sure and then another girl's voice was on the phone and said "hello" so um yeah i hung up. it was so sixth grade. man. then of course being the technological era it is... he called back and i made up that we had a bad connection and got disconnected, but it was so unbelievable because i kept going on about it. then oh man someone told me to invite him for dinner so i invited him and his roommate over for dinner after general conference on sunday.
i never do that. i'm a super outgoing person, but usually only with those i know. aargh. this guy could be a serial killer or even more random my home teacher! i hope his rooommate is nice
only at byu...

favorite recent purchase: Hilary Duf's new CD "Hilary Duff" i'm lovin' it ;)